These food grade cans come in 4 sizes. The 1 gallon(3.784 liters) can is the largest can we offer. It has a large 1 3/4” opening for easy fill and easy pour. It also has a very durable metal handle on top for carrying or to help you pour. Once the syrup is properly hot packed it will last many many years in these cans. This can is sized perfectly to fit in a USPS Flat rate shipping box. Ship it around the country for one price and feel confident it will be safe and sound in our metal container when it gets there.

The ½ gallon (1.89 liters) can comes with the large 1 3/4” opening as well as the durable metal handle on top. This can is the perfect size for the family that enjoys big breakfasts with syrup. Fits conveniently on the shelf or in the door of your fridge. This can also fits in the USPS Flat rate shipping box. Send 1 or 2 in the same box to that very lucky person.

The Quart (.946 liters) comes with the large 1 3/4” opening for an easy fill and pour. This can is perfect for a couple or small family. Fits perfectly in any size refrigerator. Put 2 or 3 in your suitcase when traveling your friends or family will love you for it.

The Pint (.473 liters) is the smallest of the rectangle shaped cans. This can comes with a 1 1/4” opening. Not as large as it's big brothers but, yet still as easy to fill and pour. The can has just the right amount for 1 to 2 people for breakfast or the person just enjoys a little on ice cream or even in their coffee.

1 Gal (10.5"h x5.75"w x4.5"d) $3.60/can or $144/case of 40

1/2 Gal (8"h x 5w x"3.5d") $2.65/can or $106.00 for case of 40

Quart (5.25"h x 4.25"w x 3.25"d) $1.75/can or $175.00/case of 100

Pint (4.25"h x 3.75"w x 2.5"d) $1.40/can or $140.00/case of 100

Extra 1 Gal, 1/2 Gal, Quart alpha caps (1 3/4"d) $.20/cap

Extra Pint alpha caps (1 1/4"d) $.15/cap