This food grade grade metal can was designed over 3 decades ago and has introduced maple syrup to more people around the world than any other container. It comes in 2 convenient sizes the 16.9oz (500ml) and the 8.45oz (250ml).

Both sizes are equally loved for many reasons, if its to buy for yourself to put on your window sill for years to come or for a gift for that special friend or the person who has everything. Maybe you want that rustic New England style wedding. The Cabin can full of pure maple syrup on each table completes that look perfectly.

250ml (3.25"h x 3.25"w x2.5"d) $1.86/can or $186.00/case of 100

500ml (4"h x 4"w x3"d) $2.06/can or $206.00/case of 100

Extra caps (1"d) $.10/cap